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Simply Hugh and Jen

It's All About Hugh and Jen

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Name:Simply Hugh and Jen: Hugh Laurie and Jennifer Morrison
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Welcome to Simply Hugh Jen!

We post pictures daily of Hugh Laurie and Jennifer Morrison. If you love both Hugh and Jen, then come join us!
Out of respect for their privacy, we don't post pics of Hugh's or Jennifer's family members.

Community Guidelines:

1. Keep it on topic. It must be about Hugh, Jen, or a project they are or were a part of.

2. Don't bash any actor, actress, or group of fans.

3. Don't post rumors, news pieces, or blind items that reflect badly on any actor, actress, or show.

4. Be respectful and remember that not everyone may share your opinion.

5. Use LJ cuts for anything spoilery and label it as such.

6. Clearly label your posts and comments, using the subject line to describe the topic of discussion where applicable.

7. If you wish to discuss House, please keep it positive and respectful.

8. Send a PM to a moderator immediately if you are troubled by something you see in this community.

9. Please set SHOW THIS ENTRY TO 'Members' since we are basically a closed comm and don't want to feed the trolls. ;)

10. Have FUN!

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